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UNIMARE is located at a campsite (Villaggio Camping Nettuno) that overlooks a beach composed of pebbles and rocky cliffs, in the small village of Nerano. The territory, rich in natural resources, has transformed from a fisherman village to a very touristic site, and since 1997 it has been a part of the Marine Protected Area (MPA) of Punta Campanella. The MPA aims to protect marine ecosystems such as seagrass meadows, hard substrate communities and underwater caves.

UNIMARE values the educational importance surrounding marine biodiversity, and finds it vital that people understand its significance. To put it simply, biodiversity can be described as “all the different kinds of life you’ll find in one area” (Hancock). This includes the abundance of plants, animals, fungi, and even the things we cannot see, such as microorganisms. Biodiversity also focuses on the way in which all of these living things work together in order to create a complex, yet perfectly maintained ecosystem. It has been discovered that there are approximately 8.7 million species of plants and animals on Earth. Although, it is important to note that only about 1.2 million species have been specifically identified. This statistic is one reason why biodiversity is so significant, because despite the immense number of organisms that there are, they all have a role and purpose that allow all the different regions of species to thrive together. 


The Ieranto Bay, located in the Sorrento Peninsula is a hotspot for biodiversity due to the bay’s diverse mixture of natural environments such as caves, canyons, and vertical cliffs. Of the species found, invertebrates make up 55.7% of the species in the bay (151 species) with vertebrates representing 24.0% (65 species) and plantae representing 20.3% (55 species). Of the total 271 species found in the Bay, 17 are protected, while 13 are endemic and 5 are invasive. If you would like to learn more about both the general and local biodiversity in relation to UNIMARE, please find more information here.


Marina del Cantone

About: Found underneath the village of Nerano, Marina del Cantone is a very beautiful and important location for many reasons. Firstly, this is where Unimare can be found! Your studies will take place here along with the start of many of your excursions; in fact, kayaking trips to Ieranto and Crapolla all begin here. Other field activities such as snorkeling, organism inspection, and swimming may also take place here. Marina del Cantone is home to a very rocky, but beautiful beach. Marina del Cantone can be found at the tip of the Sorrentine peninsula and overlooks the Gulf of Salerno. During the summer months it is a seemingly popular tourist destination for sunbathing. 

How to access by land: Accessing Marina del Cantone via land is very simple! Typically a bus (SITA being the most common) will take multiple trips daily to Nerano and/or Marina del Cantone. Should a bus be taken to Nerano, you will have a bit of a hike down to the waters, but with many beautiful shops and cafes, it is always nice to explore the town a bit and appreciate what is nearby. You can also reach the location via car or motorbike, but finding a location to park that makes it readily accessible may be a hassle. 

How to access by sea: Typically, you will not be traveling to Marina del Cantone via sea unless you are returning from an excursion to either Ieranto bay or Crapolla amongst other potential options as well. Should you be returning, follow the path you took to get to your original destination, and if you started at a different location and have Marina del Cantone as your final destination, follow your instructor or follow along the side of the rocky cliffs as eventually you will reach your destination

History: Marina del Cantone is located in the town of Nerano, which gets its name from its use as a vacation spot for the Roman Emperor Nerone, who built a villa here. Since then, it has attracted many visitors and vacationers for its pebble beaches, rocky cliffs, olive groves, and underwater caves. Marina del Cantone is also home to the Chapel of St. Anthony of Padua. This chapel, which was built in 1646, is located on the eastern side of the beach and was renovated in the 1800s. The existing framework of S. Antonio was replaced by Madonna in 1685. However, a beautiful statue of St. Anthony can be found on the left of the altar. The church was also renovated in 1904. There is also a popular celebration that occurs in Marina del Cantone. On June 13th, the day of the Patron Saint, Sant’Antonio, occurs. During the day of the feast, there is the traditional procession by sea and then on the beach of Marina del Cantone, with the local band followed by a Eucharistic celebration. At the end of the liturgical celebrations the people gather for a festival on the beach, with seafood specialties and music.


Villaggio Nettuno

Via A. Vespucci 39

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