Punta Campanella MPA is one of the hidden paradises of the South of Italy, where rocky cliffs alternate with sandy seabeds, and the blue of the sea is unique. The snorkeling excursion aims to show visitors the high variety of species and ecosystems in this protected place, from the seagrass meadow to the aggregation of small corals and the possibility of visiting semi-submerged caves.

Night Snorkeling

Things are different underwater at night! With a bit of luck, you can see animals that were happily out and about during the day sleeping and other nocturnal animals hunting. On some mild evenings the sea starts to glow on its own…on its own? No! Millions upon millions of the protozoan Noctiluca pelagica glow thanks to a complicated process of bioluminescence. After a brief introduction to the chemical process, immerse yourself in the flashing and sparkling “Mare in Amore” (the sea in love). For safety reasons, we can only offer night snorkeling for classes that have attended at least one trial day with us.